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Every individual goes through many stages and transitions in their lifetime, such as shifting to a new home, starting school, getting a job, retiring from work, etc. Getting through a specific stage of life or transitioning to a new one is already challenging. But it becomes much more complex if you have a disability. 
At Mates Care, we excel at assisting NDIS through different stages of life. We examine individual personalities, needs, abilities and goals with a planned approach to benefit you at each stage of your life. Our proper networking and planning will make it easier to achieve your goals and get through life transitions. 

The life stage program includes long-term and short-term supports that focus on strengthening participants' ability to live at their homes, coordinate their support, and move towards their goals.

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Services Supported:

  • Support connection and coordination to simplify the complexity in in your plan.
  • Assistance with accommodation, tenancy obligations to support improved living arrangements.
  • Mentoring and peer support
  • Assistive technology and community nursing care arrangements
  • Social and community participation Help with decision making and daily planning support arrangements.
  • Therapeutic supports arrangements
  • Capacity building and individual skill development support arrangements.
Help with transitioning into the workforce:

Moving into a workforce and a new job is one of the most common stages of life. With the help of our highly supportive team, it becomes much easier and possible to gain employment. We will create a strategy to build up your skill weaknesses, and strengths to the best of your ability. 

From finding a job listing, applying to a job, getting to the interviews and improving your skills, we can be with you all the way. If you need assistance with life stages, then Contact Mates Support Services.

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Join us and make your life  better .