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What is NIDS? 

NDIS provides practical support to individuals with a significant and permanent disability under the age of 65. The NDIS plan helps people to enjoy a life of their choice and achieve their goals. You can set up your goals and receive a plan accordingly. The government will fund reasonable and fair goals, and you are free to choose any registered NDIS provider. 

Who is eligible for NDIS?

Eligibility criteria for NDIS include:
Age: You should be between 7 and 65.
Disability requirement: You must have a permanent and significant disability for which you will be assessed.
Citizenship: You must be an Australian citizen or resident.

Who are MatesCare, and what do they do?
MatesCare are registered NDIS providers. We provide help to individuals for improving their quality of life, well-being, and health. We assist people with disabilities to live their lives autonomously and achieve their goals. 

In what disabilities do you specialize?
We provide disability support both in a range of environments and at participants' homes. Whether you have physical, emotional, intellectual, sensory, neurological disability or brain injury, we can provide support services to help you live independently and have a bright future. 

What activities are supported under NDIS? 

There are three types of activities that NDIS funds:
Capacity building supports:  It helps you meet your plans and achieve your goals.
Core supports:  It includes assistance with daily living activities and household tasks.
Capital Supports:  This support funds you to buy home modifications and assistive technology. 

What type of services do MatesCare offer?

We provide a range of services under core supports, and capacity building supports that includes:
Skill development
Help with daily activities
Personal Care
Supported Independent Living
Domestic Assistance
Community Participation
Community Nursing Services
Visit our website to know about the services we provide. 

What is not covered by NDIS?

NDIS only funds disability-related expenses. It does not support your day-to-day living expenses such as utility bills, food. 
How much do Ocim Associates services cost?
Our rates are according to the guidelines of NDIS. You can visit the NDIS website to check the current pricing for your plan. If you want to know about the rates of specific services, you can contact us anytime. 

How do I apply for the NDIS plan?

As an eligible participant, you can apply for your NDIS plan by contacting the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) and asking for an access request. They might ask you to answer access request questions about your eligibility, requirements and identity.
Are you experienced?

Our management team and the working staff are highly skilled and experienced and know the importance of our participants' values and needs. We are passionate to find you inner peace and freedom. 

Will we receive the support of our choice?

Yes, NDIS is all about your choices and needs. It depends on you what type of disability services and supports you want in your life. The purpose of NDIS is to give you freedom over all your choices. 

Do you help your participants with employment?

Our supported employment program will assist you with employment. We help our participants to avail employment opportunities that match their needs and skills. You can learn more about this service at our website. 

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