Specialist supported employment


Having a job is a way to grow your confidence, skills, participate in a community and earn some money. The primary aim and principle behind supported employment are that:

  • People with severe disabilities have equal rights to be employed by community businesses.
  • They can experience all of the same benefits as other employees.

Work side-by-side with coworkers and can earn comparable wages.
Our supported employment program will provide the support that is necessary for success in a competitive work environment. It allows you to improve interpersonal skills, make friends, improve your confidence with communication, earn a wage and reach your career goals. We understand each person's differences and the importance of working in an open employment environment. Our support will be with you at every step, from finding a job to getting employed. You will become confident and independent enough to make a meaningful contribution to the workforce. What opportunities you will get:

  • There are various work options and work environments where you can get involved. For example:
  • The participant can become a part of the mail & packaging team at pack works.
  • You can join groundworks to take care of lawns and gardens for commercial and residential clients.You can work as a virtual assistant etc.

    Why choose us:

    By joining our supported employment program, you can achieve various benefits. Some of which includes:
  • Employment preparation
  • It is our core responsibility to get you prepared for employment. Our team can help you with cover letters and resume writing. We will send your application in and link you to a job. Specialists at Mates Care will monitor your actual progress and guide you at every step of your employment journey. 
  • Assistance with employment
  • All your burdens will be on our shoulders once you get employed. We will assist you in maintaining communication with fellow staff to help you travel to your workplace. 

    Join our support services because we are passionate about enabling people with disabilities to live the lives they admire.

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Join us and make your life  better .